The Predator comic books are part of the Predator franchise and has had several titles published based on the license, most of which are part of the Dark Horse. Alien vs. Predator comics are part of the crossover franchise originated and published by Dark . Aliens versus Predator comic book cover for the story Booty . The Predator comic book line is a long-running series of comic books published by Dark Horse Comics based on the Predator franchise. The line has included a .

Predator Comic Book

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Predator. Dark Horse Comics set the comics industry on its ear with its comics expansion of the Predator comics universe! .. Free Comic Book Day: Predator . Predators, or Yautja, are extraterrestrial hunters who possess advanced technology and weapons used to hunt any being they consider worthy prey. They often. Results 1 - 48 of 98 Get the best deal for Predator Comic Book Collections from the largest online selection at Browse your favorite brands.

In the Aliens comics line, the Aliens short story was preceded by Aliens: Xenogenesis and was followed by Aliens: More Than Human. In the Predator comics line, the Predator short story was preceded by Predator: Xenogenesis and was followed by Predator: Prey to the Heavens.

Predator (1989) comic books

Free Comic Book Day heralds the relaunching of two of the quintessential Dark Horse movie-to-comics franchises, the Fox blockbusters Aliens and Predator.

A second version of Free Comic Book Day: The two stories from the comic were later included in the trade paperback releases of the respective series to which they were prequels. Both were released in April The Aliens and Predator portions of the comic were released digitally, as separate issues, through Dark Horse Digital on October 12, Started in , Free Comic Book Day is a yearly promotional initiative designed to attract new readers to independent comic book stores.

It is traditionally held on the first Saturday in May. As the name implies, it sees the release of specially printed comic book issues that are given away for free by retailers, and the event is usually also associated with the American release of a comic book-related theatrical film.

Chris Warner — "I had hands in all three series creatively back in the day, and it's great to see them getting back into comics in a big way. I'm excited to be working with artist Zach Howard again [on ' Aliens ']. I think Zach's one of the best guys out there, and he's not widely 'discovered' yet.

Much as had been the case with the company's already-successful Aliens line, launched the previous year, the first Predator series that Dark Horse produced originally titled simply Predator , but later renamed Predator: Concrete Jungle in collected form was a continuation of the film on which the licence was based — in this case, it followed Detective Schaefer , brother of Dutch from Predator , as he investigated his sibling's mysterious disappearance whilst simultaneously dealing with a Yautja incursion in New York City.

The story also featured the return of Major General Phillips from the film, now leading a clandestine military organisation attempting to deal with the Yautja.

10 Predator Crossovers We Need in Comics Today

Again much like the Aliens line, the Predator line has continued semi-regularly as a series of miniseries, one-shots and short stories, the majority of which have featured original characters and storylines, focusing on widely varied encounters between humans and the Yautja throughout the course of human history.

However, both Schaefer and Phillips have returned in two further adventures, and the three series featuring them are now referred to as the "core Dark Horse Predator graphic novels" by the publisher.

In , inspired by the success of the Aliens vs. Predator crossover from two years previous, Dark Horse teamed up with DC Comics and introduced the Predator to seminal comic book character Batman in the landmark series Batman versus Predator. The success of the comic led to an ongoing series of crossover comics that pitted various characters, both from within Dark Horse and from other publishers, against the Predators.

Similar crossovers also emerged for both the Aliens and Aliens vs. Predator lines.

Also in , Dark Horse attempted to expand the Predator comics line to the United Kingdom market, first as part of Aliens magazine and later in the anthology magazine Total Carnage. However, the mids fall in comic book sales led to both magazines being cancelled in early and Dark Horse retreating to its traditional American base.

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Following Predator: Predator lines entered a deliberate ten-year hiatus. During this break, the only Predator comics published were Omnibus collections of the existing comic books.

The break in Predator comics finally came to an end in , when Dark Horse relaunched the line with a new limited series titled Predator: Prey to the Heavens. Beginning in January , Dark Horse began issuing its back catalogue of Predator comics — starting with the original series, Predator: Concrete Jungle — as digital downloads via its subsidiary Dark Horse Digital.

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More recent titles in the line have been published simultaneously in both physical and digital formats.Let us know in the comment section below! Predator kicks off in Costa Rica, where the gang is enjoying Spring Break.

Nevermind that Predators see in infrared, so headlights shouldn't bother them in the slightest. She works for Ackland, whose rynth have been infected by the facehuggers. Batman and Superman actually fight Aliens and Predators in several more comic series with various quality.

When a young boy accidentally triggers their return to Earth, only a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers and a disgruntled science teacher can prevent the end of the human race.